8 Types of Instagram Hashtags that Need to Be on Your Next Posts

Jul 28, 2021

The very first step is to identify the types of Instagram hashtags on the search results box. And decide which ones to use based on numbers.

Hashtags are present on social media posts, but their abundance on Instagram is undeniable. Though it may not apply to other platforms, this element is an essential tool for increasing views and IG growth, especially if you are a figure or business under the radar.

However, picking the best hashtags confuses many. It’s not just favoring what you think sounds better or looks good. It’s not even creating new ones.

Let’s get acquainted with them and their uses:

1. Industry

An industry hashtag always works as a general piece of information about your brand. It is broad and unsurprisingly on the high competition. Because many IG users also use this hashtag, it puts your post on the feed for a fleeting moment and offers little visibility for your brand. However, an industry hashtag is needed to establish your brand category and, at least, to reach an audience on a global scale.

Examples: #technology #healthcare #digitalmarketing

Recommended number: 1 or 2

2. Niche type

Include niche hashtags. These are also general information about your brand but slightly less broad and less competitive than industry-related hashtags. What is the difference between an industry and a niche? Simply put, the industry is the umbrella of your brand, while the niche represents your market.

Examples: #fintech #socialmedia #bespoketailoring

Recommended number: 2

3. Brand hashtags

The next type to use is brand hashtags. Find famous brands related to your industry (or not industry-related but relevant due to some circumstances) and incorporate their hashtags on your posts. It can benefit you in two ways.

  • First, you can check the hashtag results to see users who can be your potential connection.
  • Second, you might get featured by the initiating brand, which can boost yours. Be careful because this can be tricky. Missteps can appear you’re chasing clout through their hashtags.

Examples: #WeAccept #NationalFriedChickenDay

Recommended number: 2 or more

4. Community

Community hashtags connect those people with the same interests. These include hobbies, groups, movements, fandom, etc. Depending on the subject, the search competition can be medium to low.

A community hashtag, among the types of Instagram hashtags, proves to be very engaging with the audience. Use this more often to help you make more connections. It also pays well to interact with the users (with a large following) who post with the said hashtag.

Examples: #coffeelovers #wanderlust

Recommended number: 5 or more

5. Location-based

Another hashtag type that has low competition utilizes your location. While industry and niche hashtags make you visible from a global perspective, location hashtags target people in your area. But it doesn’t mean that this hashtag type only applies to the audience within your location. These are also shown to people outside your area who are looking for IG content via location-based hashtags. These benefits make location hashtags perfect for local and small businesses. They strengthen localized patronage as well as expand your searchability.

Example: #london #vancouverapartments

Recommended number: 1 or 2

6. Celebration or holiday

Celebration hashtags are seasonal and very useful. Whether for local or international holidays, these hashtags attract high engagement. People always want to participate in celebrations. Therefore, brands capitalize on the opportunity to get into the trend and be one with the audience. Aside from popular holiday seasons like Christmas, Valentine’s, or Halloween, there are other celebrations that people around the world share. Examples are International Women’s Day, World Smile Day, and other holidays specific for the year.

Examples: #internationalwomensday #halloween

Recommended number: 1 or 2

7. Event hashtags

Event hashtags work like holiday hashtags. The competition ranges from low to high as they are also seasonal. Depending on the popularity of the events, brands and audiences alike express their participation by using these hashtags. Events refer to new corporate product launches, special government programs, or emergency projects for sudden mishaps.

Examples: #blacksaturdaysale #earthhour

Recommended number: 1 or 2

8. Low-density hashtags

You may also include low-density hashtags that IG suggests on search box results. They fall on low competition, showing only 500k results. For small brands, creating your hashtags is not recommended.

Examples: #artsaudi

Recommended number: 1 or 2

What’s the next thing to do?

If you are already familiar with identifying what type of hashtag you see on the search bar of Instagram, as mentioned, the next thing is to choose the best ones through numbers.

  • Research how much is too high and too low for your content. Look at the number of posts you can find next to the hashtag results on the search bar. Your content will drown, blend, or stand out among other brands depending on the hashtags you will use.
  • Instagram allows you to place 30 hashtags in one post. But according to studies, the ideal number of hashtags to use is 11 to 13.
  • You don’t have to include all the eight types of Instagram hashtags in one post. Mix and match at random to see what works better and make the most engagement out of it.

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