Twitter Features You Need to Utilize More

Dec 8, 2021

Twitter is a fast-paced platform. What you see in the first second is becomes different the moment you blink. Its limited number of usable characters makes it also challenging to utilize as a marketing tool for your business.

But the truth is Twitter can be beneficial for your brand if you understand its structure. You can connect with a different type of audience, quickly engage with them about their interests, and expand your reach as every interaction you make are visible to all Twitter folks (disclaimer: for public accounts).

Using the platform is easy, but you can depend on our list of Twitter features you should use more this time to reap better results.

1. Tagging Accounts in Tweets

Tagging is a staple activity on Twitter. It is one of the ways to get you noticed by the account you’re mentioning. It can be useful in engaging with your audience, but it can also be beneficial in doing outreach and collaboration efforts. As long as it is not repetitive, keep tagging relevant accounts to expand your reach and increase engagement.

2. Quote a Tweet

Quote A Tweet is the other form of retweeting. Instead of posting a tweet on your wall instantly, you can add a caption on your retweet.

Quoting a tweet benefits you in many ways, such as the following:

  • Being able to attach links to your blogs or web pages.
  • Going the extra mile in responding to your audience.
  • Engaging your followers and endorsing your web pages at the same time.

3. Pinning a Tweet

Pinning a tweet works like Pinned Post on FB. This feature allows you to highlight an important tweet so followers who visit your wall can see it right away. Make sure that the tweet you’re pinning has a great purpose for your account.

To set a pinned tweet, go to your wall and choose the tweet you intend to highlight. Then, click the three dots next to it to reveal three other options. Choose “Pin to Profile,” and that’s ready.

4. Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists enable you to curate your feed according to your preference. To create one, you only need to click on your profile pic and tap on Lists. It will show an array of accounts that you can choose from.

What’s more useful about Lists is that you can opt to add them as public or private. By choosing public lists, you allow the Twitter accounts to be informed about you Following them. By going private, the involved accounts won’t get notified about the listing.

Now, how do these work for your business?

  • Public lists enable you to build relationships with the accounts you follow. By getting updated with their tweets, you can interact with them and gain brand recognition.
  • Private lists allow you to monitor your rivals. You can observe what types of content they tweet that are effective to copy or beat. You get to learn their new products or services and everything related to running the business.

5. Trends For You

Trends For You are topics that went viral on your location and accounts you follow. These can be hashtags or social mentions that are difficult to miss. The list of Trends is random and change quickly, depending on the activities of the tweeting accounts.

How can visiting this feature help your business? Well, the hashtags or viral mentions indicate the topics you can capitalize on to boost your content engagement. It’s like jumping into the train because it started running. However, you only have to pick those that reflect your brand.

Using the viral hashtag and words/phrases, you penetrate a cluster of audiences based on that topic. It may even gain likes, retweets, and comments.

6. Spaces

Spaces is a successful replacement of Fleets (short-form videos that resembled IG stories). This Twitter feature works like a public podcast, where accounts can enter a room with a group of people talking about anything. It lessens the anxieties among participants as there is no need to show their faces. It also has an easy option to enter and exit the room.

Brands should capitalize on this to build a rapport with their audience through casual conversations, comprehensive seminars, or even live events.

7. Tweet Activity

Tweet Activity, among the Twitter features, is the analytics of the platform. It shows the Impressions, the number of times users (followers or not) saw your tweet, and Total Engagement, the frequency of interaction of those who saw the tweet. These data indicate how your tweets fare with your followers. Since each tweet has basic analytics, you can compare what’s doing good and the opposite.

8. Hashtags

While hashtags are not as necessary in Twitter compared to Instagram, it still plays a significant role through strategic usage. Using the right hashtags (or those viral but still related to your brand) can increase impressions and interactions with your tweets.

So, the items above can help you make Twitter more useful for your marketing. Maximizing these features with careful A/B tests and consistency can help you go viral, reach more audience, establish a stronger brand presence, and who knows, increase sales.

Need more help on managing your social media account? We got you covered through our well-tailored playbook and checklist.