10 Content Marketing Ideas for Christmas Season

Nov 16, 2021

The calendar’s heading to December, meaning the Christmas holidays would be the next season to disrupt the regular business. People adjust their behavior for buying, and this change should provide insight into business marketing and selling strategies.

Here are some of the content marketing ideas for Christmas wherein entrepreneurs can draw inspiration for their business.

1. Adapt Christmas Theme to Branding

Updating branding relevant to the season or trend is one of the go-to approaches of digital marketers. The branding updates include slight changes on the logo, profile pics, covers, templates, and other types of visual content.

Now that Christmas is near, you already know what to incorporate with your social media pages. It’s like setting up and lighting a festive tree when you adapt to the theme. By doing these, you make your brand relevant and make audiences engage.

2. Publish Posts Related to the Holidays

Keep posting your regular content – those that timelessly stand for your brand. But you’ll regret it if you don’t schedule holiday-themed posts on your content calendar. Plan the right frequency of Christmas posts, ensuring that you break the monotony but still uphold your brand tone.

While you may publish promotional posts, focus on adding value to your customers’ lives. Share content that benefits them, and it means information, inspiration, and entertainment. There’s a lot to share about Christmas and whatnots, so you’ll never run out of angles.

3. Capitalize on Video Content

Video content, whether short-form or long-form, gathers a lot of traffic. It is engaging and effective in increasing brand awareness or driving sales. Long-form videos take much effort to produce, but they work for most businesses in the long run. However, you should use short-form videos, too, as they are in trend nowadays to boost your content marketing.

There are different ways to use video content for business. Make sure that your videos match your brand. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and other social media platforms have different types of audiences. It’s also important to understand their structure and market so you can create the appropriate videos for each social media platform.

4. Share Gift Ideas and Guides

While this sub-topic can fall under items no. 1 and 2, it deserves to be standalone. Christmas is the season of giving, and gift ideas are limitless. They should be categorized and shared with people to ease holiday burdens.

So, a go-to plan from these content marketing ideas for Christmas that you can use and repurpose is gift guides. People are most likely overwhelmed when it comes to Christmas shopping. Factors that affect purchasing decisions include but are not limited to back-to-back holiday parties, different personalities of receivers, budget, etc. No wonder shoppers sometimes spend more than they intended.

Help your audience decide better by sharing gift-giving content related to your business industry. Examples are:

  • Best gifts for less than $100
  • Last-minute gifts for busy professionals
  • Gift ideas for your minimalist partners

The categorization according to shopping factors gives you a lot of angles for the same content. Just in case, you can also insert some of your products into the gift list.

5. Launch Social Media Contests

Bring excitement to your audiences by launching social media contests. You can Google many ideas for these, but the most important thing is the promise of rewards. People enjoy participating in games because of the prizes they can get in the end. This one among the content marketing ideas for Christmas is surely engaging.

Moreover, social media contests are not solely for fun. They also boost the engagement on your page as it attracts audience-turned-participants. And they also build a connection to your audience, showing them their value to your business.

6. Giving Back to Fans

If you don’t want to do the extra work of tallying points for the winners of social media contests, you may opt for a simple giving back to fans. Choose some page followers randomly (or according to your set of criteria) and give them exclusive thank-you gifts. Remember that gifts may not be expensive as long as they’re consumable and usable.

7. Organize a Local Charity Drive

Another form of giving back to the community is organizing a charity drive. You contact a beneficiary, be it an individual or entity, and plan how to provide help. What you need to do is present the charity drive on your website or social media page and let the kindness of people do the work.

By this approach, you humanize your business while helping those in need. You build a business identity that takes care of people, and so it gives your brand a positive impression on your customers.

8. Collaborate with Other Small Businesses

Social media contests, gifts for fans, and charity events are full of purpose. But it can be a hassle for a single small business, especially for solopreneurs. But it is feasible by collaborating with other small businesses.

It’s your choice to join forces with businesses that are similar to your product and services. Or Christmas partners can be businesses of another industry. This collaboration shows that your business is cooperative and able to deal with other brands for the sake of making the customers happy.

9. Send Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

If you have an email list, marketers recommend sending email marketing campaigns for Christmas. It can be an insightful newsletter, special holiday discount, or exclusive content.

Be creative with subject lines to clinch your audience’s attention. But you should also ensure the quality of your campaigns to avoid disappointing them.

10. Remarket through Christmas-Related Product Ads

If you are willing to spend more, it’s best to spend on ads. Remember that list of gifts you share? They can also be the subject of these direct campaigns. To do that, you have to introduce a product, service, or package that is only available to the season. What’s important is to create an urgency for purchase.

While ads help you find potential customers, they can also help reconnect your brand with people who used to interact with your brand but had not engaged with your brand for quite some time. Remarketing keeps your audience in check.

Overall, the Christmas season is an opportunity to bend marketing strategies a little. It’s one of the peaks of businesses that one should not miss. So far, which of the content marketing ideas for Christmas mentioned above will work for you?

If you want to know more about managing your social media community, our playbook and checklist can prepare you into becoming a digital marketer for your business.