Small Business Marketing Articles 2021 Wrap-Up

Dec 31, 2021

My Marketing Needs Help has been dedicated to helping small business owners and solopreneurs achieve their goals through social media community management. As we welcome the new year 2022, let us look back at all the small business marketing articles we have produced this year.

In case you want to review these guides, we have clustered them according to their content. Here they are:

Seasonal and Evergreen Content

As a marketer for your business, you will spend the majority of your days creating, curating, scheduling, and publishing content. There are many types of materials you can post: photos, videos, blogs, downloadable materials, etc.

However, you can still categorize each type according to its purpose. By looking at the bigger picture, these articles can help you understand the concept of seasonal and evergreen content. It aligns the purpose of each content and the perfect time for publishing to achieve a better online presence.

Start with these guides:

What is Evergreen Content and its Use to Your Marketing Strategy?

What is Seasonal Content and How Will It Help Your Business?

Seasonal vs. Evergreen Content: Pros, Cons, and Impacts to Your Brand

Content Calendar Ideas

Content Calendar is your key to consistent posting. Managing social media pages isn’t done by sharing photos or quotes in the spur of the moment. You have customers to satisfy and potential clients to impress. By creating a content calendar, you ensure that everything you post goes smoothly in building your brand and making your business more profitable.

Here are blogs to help you out:

How to Consistently Post on Social Media When You’re Busy

5 Interactive and Engaging Fill-In-The-Blank Facebook Posts For You To Copy

40 Questions to Ask On Social Media to Make Your Posts More Interactive & Engaging

Social Media Post Ideas for Every Month of the Year

10 Content Marketing Ideas for Christmas Season

Photo Content for Social Media Posts

Still images such as photos, infographics, and photo quotes are go-to content as they are easy to create with effective traffic results. Get your photo strategy as sharp as your competitors with these articles:

7 Instagram Photo Ideas to Grow Your Audience, Increase Engagement & Make More Sales

Social Media Photo Trends That You Need to Re-learn

Video Content For Business

Video content, both long-form and short-form, is the most effective approach to get your audience’s attention and patronage. From Instagram to Pinterest, there’s no excuse to be lax on utilizing videos that are insightful and brand-uplifting.

Since competition is tight on video releases, you better make a step ahead of your marketing efforts. Here are some articles to give you a head start:

Short-Form Videos: the Newest Trend to Market Your Business

How to Use Short Video Content for Your Business

Short Video Ideas: 30 Ways to Win Instagram Reels and Tiktok

All About Hashtags

If your business niche fits Instagram and Twitter, it’s a must to learn the game of Hashtags. Learn to love this feature as it helps your social media posts in various ways. One, it boosts the visibility of your posts on the Discover page. Two, it makes your brand participate in social trends thus humanizing. And third, it filters your content more easily for followers searching on your Feed.

There is no guesswork on putting hashtags, though there may be experimentation. Familiarize yourself with the concepts below before you hop on this hashtag business:

8 Types of Instagram Hashtags that Need to Be on Your Next Posts

10 Instagram Hashtag Tips To Make Your Posts More Visible

Why Holiday Hashtags Work for Your Business

Business Hashtags for Every Day of the Week

Business Hashtag Ideas For Every Month Of The Year

Monday Motivational Posts

Monday is a challenging day for some as it signifies the start of another week of grind and stress. Your social media pages can help your followers counter this mindset by perking them up with feel-good but professional quotes.

Learn more about this content through these blogs:

What Should I Post on Social Media on Monday?

Monday Motivation Quotes: Reasons to Include Them on Your Content Calendar

Social Media Platforms

You may have been using social media platforms for a long, and you know its features. But are you using them enough? Social media platforms continuously get updated, and make the most out of it by learning about them more than the rest knows.

Stay ahead of the game through these underrated approaches not all think of doing:

Twitter Features You Need to Utilize More

Features of Facebook Business Pages That You Probably Aren’t Using Yet

Instagram Features You Should Maximize for Better Marketing

What Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 Could Be

Lead Generation Through Social Media

Social media do not only serve as a platform to showcase your products, services, and brand. It can also be a free tool to connect with both loyal and potential customers or even directly sell them what you offer.

Take note of the tips on the following articles:

Lead Generation Ideas, If You Don’t Want to Run Ads

How To Find, Nurture & Close Sales Leads Using Social Media

Social Media Conversation Starters to Engage Your Audience Better

3+ Conversation Starters For Cold Messaging On Facebook & Instagram

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an underrated medium that works effectively with careful planning and execution. Include this in your marketing effort and discover the wonders it can make.

But first, here is an overview of what email campaigns can do:

Email Marketing Types and Misconceptions

How to Start an Email List and Sending Newsletters

How We Can Help You

In line with our objective on helping entrepreneurs, you may also read additional insights through these blogs:

10 Guaranteed Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation

Our Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Alright, we got you covered. When the holiday bustle is over, you may go and read each blog from these small business marketing articles to create your social media strategies for 2022. Happy New Year!