Short Video Ideas: 30 Ways to Win Instagram Reels and Tiktok

Sep 22, 2021

Videos undeniably bring high engagement to your social media posts as compared to other types of content. It explains why short-form videos have become the newest trend to market anything, even your business. TikTok, Reels, Shorts, Idea Pins, and Spotlights now exist for everyone to share their creativity and keep their accounts and brand growing.

We have published a previous blog on how to market your business through videos. But you can add these 30 video content ideas to capitalize on the social media trend:

A-Day-in-the-Life Videos

For some, it would be interesting to learn about the life you probably would not experience. Examples of this are how a CEO spends a day and how an acting job works in a day. It is humanizing and also giving your audience a new perspective about your brand.

Answering FAQs

Compared to text-based posts, videos get consumed more often. It’s because there are already visuals that fill the gap. So, out of Frequently Asked Questions in your social media accounts, you can create a video. You can answer all of the questions in one short video, or you can answer one or two in one video. When people are satisfied with your replies, they will surely comment on their questions. And from these comments, you can create another set of FAQs videos.

Before and After Transformation

People want to see results, and tangible results are more believable. Posting a before-and-after transformation is one effective way of doing it. Illustrate what can perfect haircut do to your face by showing before and after a customer’s visit to a salon.

Big Reveal

Everyone on social media is eager to know about the latest news. Social media has become the top source of information. So, if you want to share an announcement of an event or launch your new sets of products, make it more creative by making a Big Reveal video.

BTS videos

Behind the scenes were rare in the old days, but social media influencers now often make this part of their video lineup. It makes a connection with your audience and brings them as part of the journey.

Business re-introduction

Reintroduce your business sparingly. Once you have become a brand that people will look up for information, entertainment, or inspiration, it’s time to persuade your loyal audience to know more about your business, if not purchase your product or services.

Create animated graphics

If you have a knack for graphic design, this could be useful in creating video content that doesn’t need real-life recording. You only have to design a visual image or slides and export them into mp4 format. It can be animated slides, gifs, or cinemagraph.

Customer Reviews

It takes customers for other customers to believe. So, if you create a short vid about customer reviews (animated slides, live, or recorded), you make your brand trustworthy. It’s a modern form of the word-of-mouth approach.

Demo of the wrong way to use a product

To break the monotony of product demos, you can also videos showing how to do these things improperly. It gives the audience to re-assess their way of using a product. It also applies to processes such as doing an interview, selling, or marketing. Inform the audience on how to avoid embarrassment or inconvenience.

Employee Highlight

If you have employees working for you, you can give them a spotlight on their contribution to your business. It humanizes your brand, thus emotionally appealing to your audience.

Expertise and Opinion Sharing

Topics go viral every day and change quickly. So, if there’s one relevant to your business, grab the opportunity.  Share your expertise and opinion on the matter. These kinds of content make the audience engage as they favor different sides, and interactions on your post explode if you tackle a subject very dear to your audience.

How-to videos

Do not be contented in showing the making of a product. You can also teach your followers how to do it in a span of 1 to 3 minutes. Examples: how to clean a clogged kitchen sink with the newly released tools or how to paint a plain wall with minimalist designs.


Lists of top things often get clicked. So, if there’s anything on your business that you can rank, utilize this type. Examples: Top 5 Local Companies for Investment, Best Hashtags for Holidays, 10 Amazing Excel Hacks to Impress Your Boss.

Myth Debunking

The internet has a lot of misinformation and fabricated stories. Through your expertise, you can help weed out facts from false news by debunking myths and beliefs. These kinds of short video ideas also stir the audience, much like commenting on a topic.

Organizing Contests

Organizing an online contest is one way to boost your engagement. By designing a mechanic that enables your video to get more views faster, investing in prizes and freebies is worth it. From the contest design to the day of results, you can create videos for this.

It also refers to your in-house contest or competition exclusive to your employees. You can document every event to give your audience a glimpse of how you define fun in your company.

Publicity Stunt

While it may not work for all, a publicity stunt is one way to get viral. It takes a lot of creativity to think of tactics appropriate to your brand and boldness to execute it well. You have to be cautious, however, as it can make you or break you.

Public Polls

This type of content is easy to make. You only have to think of a question that your audience can connect with and provide two or three options to answer.

Reaction videos

Reaction videos are the go-to content for social media influencers. You can do this too in various ways. First, you can react to a video relevant to your products or services. Second, you can also make a reaction video to other videos related to your industry whatnots. Third, you can make good-natured gimmicks to your employee or customer and see their reaction with a hidden camera. People are so interested in seeing a genuine reaction out of people when surprised. But make the tone appropriate for your business.

Recreate blog posts

Does your website have a blog? Sum it up into a video.

Roundup Video Clips

If you have old video clips that performed well and needed reposting, you can do so. You can also place snippets from these clips and place them on one video. You may include links on the captions or put an element that directs them to the specific video.


Another content from available short video ideas that’s been going rounds on TikTok is called “Storytime!” When you posted something interesting, people would usually comment, wanting to learn more. It becomes a series of posts that tells this story up to the end. Usually, the invested audience will ask what happens to some parts of the tale, and you can shift to that angle for elaboration. If you have a unique story that is quite engaging, you should start telling it now.

Survey and Survey Results

The longer form of public polls would be a survey. Design a questionnaire that will elicit valuable answers for a particular topic. Then you can share these results into a video, giving insights out of these data.

Tips and Tricks

One of the classic short video ideas: you share tips on how to do things quicker or better. People love to watch these kinds of videos.


A trailer is not the whole movie or episode, but it’s enough to make fans get excited and follow the series or films. You can use your content as an excerpt of something for your business. It can be a hint of news or a sneak peek of an upcoming product.

Thank You Videos

Don’t forget to include the audience in every milestone you have made: successful live events, reaching a target number of followers, or just them being present throughout your business operations.

Time Lapse

Time lapses are mesmerizing, be it the growth of a seedling into a plant or the creation of a painting from a blank canvas. Making this video demands time. But if you pulled it off with good material, it’ll surely get views.


While product reveals only subject products, unboxing videos can be of anything. It can be a piece of new equipment for your creative design company or new kitchen tools for your bakery. It is a marketing tactic that makes use of the element of surprise.

Useful hack videos

Aside from making how-to and how-not-to short video ideas, you can also make video clips on how to use your products in a different way that gives better results or the same results but a faster process.

Walkthrough on making products

People love to watch how random things become. What more if it’s something they love like your products? These are perfect for crafts, artworks, food, or other demonstrative products.

Lastly, Observe Social Trends

When you stay active on video platforms for quite some time, you start to see the ins and out of social media marketing through videos. You do not follow anymore, and you like to bend the rules. That’s how you set a new trend. But first, you have to start doing what others doing so you can cope with the traffic. Observe the social trends, and go the extra mile.

Now, you’re ready to use these short video ideas for social media platforms. What are you waiting for? Publish that video now.