100% ‘Done for you’ social media posts

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Send us your logo, images and brand guide, including your brand colors and fonts. We will create custom, stunning images for your social media platforms.


Upon submitting your order, we will begin creating your unique content and deliver 7-10 posts back to you within 7 business days or less for you to approve. Once approved, we post them for you as well. More images to come until you receive all 15 each month.


Covered by our 100% ‘Happiness Guarantee’. If needed, for the first month while we get to know each other, we will make unlimited revisions to ensure we get your posts right and you love them.

Here’s what you get each month


15 high quality, entirely customized, unique social media images specific to your brand.


A mixture of content tailored to build and strengthen your brand such as the 3 E’s (Entertaining, Educational, and Engaging) as well as promo posts.


Captions, hashtags, scheduling software AND posting INCLUDED with every order.


Sign up and fill out a brief questionnaire to tell us more about your business, send us logos as well as a brand guide (takes less than 2 minutes).


We will connect your social media platforms to our scheduling software. We will only need your login temporarily and will not need to login again.


Within 7 business days, you will receive a sample of 5 – 10 posts. Once these posts are approved, we will create and deliver the rest and another 15 each month.


Once each batch of  posts are approved, we will schedule them to post. You can then focus on monitoring your accounts and building trust.

Here's what our customers have to say

This has been a game changer! I have all of my Monday's planned for a whole year!


Hair Stylist

These boss quotes are perfect for my followers. They are motivating and fit my brand perfectly.


Business Consultant

Super easy to use! These Monday Motivation post are my most popular post on Instagram. 




100% ‘Done for you’ social media posts

Don’t delay, get your social game under control like you’ve been promising yourself you would. In less than 7 business days you will receive your first batch of social media images including professionally written captions and hashtags to approve. Once your posts are approved, they get scheduled and posted. We then deliver your next batch of posts for your approval. That’s a post every second day.

Covered by our 100% Happiness Guarantee. If needed, for the first month while we get to know each other, we will make unlimited revisions to ensure we get your posts right and you love them.

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$249.00 / month

Will you be creating unique content for me? What if I have content I want to have shared?

Yes, the content will be unique to you and your business. Some of the content such as holidays and industry-wide events and news, will be similar but not look the same, but the content we provide to you will be your own. In the questionnaire, there is a section for you to fill out and submit any relevant information (including images and text) to us so that our team can customize your posts to your brand voice. Outside of that, we will let you know if we need any additional information. If you have something you want to make sure we post, be sure to send to us each month. Email with more content as it comes up.

Do you offer a moneyback guarantee or refund?

Yes, you are covered by our 100% ‘Happiness Guarantee’! If for any reason you aren’t satisfied during your first 14 days, let us know and we will refund every penny of your purchase.

Will you handle monitoring my accounts, comments, replies and direct messages?

No. Any activities on your account or posts will be handled by you. We only provide the content and will schedule and post. We will not login to your accounts after the first day. 

We will however provide you with a bonus; our Playbook on how to do community management like we do! Daily checklists on how to get more eyeballs on your account and more people interacting. Value of $97

Is my information secure?

Absolutely! We use industrial-grade security on our servers, which includes any confidential customer data. We are also PCI compliant to the highest level when it comes to your payment information.

Will I be able to see the content before it goes live?

Yes! In the first month, you will receive a sample of 5 – 10 posts for you to look at, make comments, change, edit, or approve before it goes live. Once the sample posts are approved, we will then deliver another batch to also approve. We will schedule and post your content as it is approved. Each month thereafter, you will receive your posts in batches to approve before they get scheduled and posted. 

Why can't I just get a social calendar and do it myself?

You can certainly do that. The only problem is that you are still using your time on something other than your business and clients. We actually create all the content for you and post it, saving you time and energy. And you get to review and approve every post before it gets posted. 

What social media platforms do you support?

We will post to 2 platforms for you. We create content for Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Instagram Business Page (We do not post to personal Instagram accounts. Here is how to switch to a business account) and LinkedIn Company Pages. If you need content for a platform not listed here, please let us know!

Do I have control of my social media profiles?

Yes, you are in complete control of your profiles and can change scheduled posts or delete posts from your social media profiles at any time. We will only login once to connect your social media platforms to our scheduling tool. You can post stories yourself as well. 

How many posts will you be creating?

15 total per month. A post every second day!

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

We will send you a sample of 5-10 posts within 7 business days from the date you ordered. You will have 48 hours to make any changes and we will then start to work on the rest of your posts for that month. Once approved we schedule and post them for you. Each month, you will receive your 15 posts to approve prior to us scheduling and posting them.

Can I use my own scheduling platform?

It depends on which platform you are using and what plan you are on. We would prefer to use our own scheduling software, as we know it will post directly on Instagram, as some others do not. We also are able to send you a link to connect your social media platforms without ever asking you for your login information. We use a super easy platform called Planable for approvals and to schedule to most platforms. 

How will you know what to post for my company?

Once we receive your order and your questionnaire, our team will begin researching your industry, competitors, and target audience. By the time the first post hits your social media pages, our team will know just what your audience is looking for and the tone behind your brand. Remember, you get to approval ALL posts before they get scheduled and posted. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

No contract here. You can cancel at any time. We just ask that you give us 30 days notice to stop working. But we know you’ll love our service and want to stick around for a long, long time!

My question wasn't answered here.

No worries, please email us at and we will answer asap!