The Ultimate Social Media Community Management Guide

Please stop ‘Posting + Ghosting’. Most businesses only post content on Social Media and forget about the HUGE opportunity that social media gives us…connecting! That’s what Community Management is all about! Get ready to level up your social game; like a lot! 

What’s Included

9 Chapters (55 pages total)
  1. What is Community Management?
  2. How Community Management Helps your Business Grow
  3. What is Social Media Community Management?
  4. How to Build a Community Strategy to Humanize your Brand
  5. How to Create an Authentic Brand on Social Media
  6. Voices of a Community Manager
  7. Growing, Building, and Guiding an Online Community
  8. BONUS – Get More out of your Community Management
  9. BONUS – Community Manager Checklist

Reader Feedback

My account wasn’t growing and I just figured no one was interested in my content or that social media just didn’t work.

After reading this playbook and applying the daily checklist, I can confidently say this works! I gained over 100 new followers in the first 2 weeks.



Wow, was I wrong about social media. This whole time, I was apparently ‘Posting + Ghosting’. Who knew?

Just by going on social media and actually engaging with people, I started to get bookings…like from real people! So glad I took the next steps to make social work for me!



Learn from the masters how to:


Build, promote, and drive brand awareness.


Increase communication with customers and potential customers.


Build trust and credibility with your audience.

Do you ‘Post + Ghost’?

Most businesses think posting on social media is enough to build a reputable brand and trust online. It’s just not the case now-a-days. Consumers expect more and are looking for you to deliver. 

By using principals from networking and great customer service, we have discovered a fool proof technique called Community Management or Organic Social Media. Give it a try! By spending a few minutes each day on doing Community Management, you will see a massive increase in eyeballs, trust, human interactions and engagement. Content is only half the battle, building a strong connection is the rest!

The Ultimate Social Media Community Management Guide

Community Management = Humanizing Your Brand Online

Have you ever heard the saying “Post on social and they will come”? Well, this is not the case. What you need to do is proactively engage with people to be seen and understood. You are at a networking event, you throw a stack of business cards in the air with great keywords on them. Does anyone come running to pick them up and discover you? Nope. Networking works better when you approach people and start a conversation. That’s what we use social media for; To be a human and start getting social.

The idea of this is to show that there are actually people behind the business. Community Management is your proactive, online customer services and brand amplifier. We get more eyeballs on your accounts, build more organic awareness and humanize the brand!

Time to level up your social media game! You ready?

Learn how to help your community grow! All risk-free.