How to Consistently Post on Social Media When You’re Busy

May 2, 2021

When we ask solopreneurs and small businesses why they are not utilizing social media, we always get the same answer: too busy. While scrolling on feeds for hours can be fun, posting content on your brand page also takes time and effort. However, the latter gives a more productive outcome.

Everyone knows that frequent and consistent content sharing on social media is one factor in building engagement. But putting it into practice can be a challenge. In this part, we can help you. As social media experts, we have our ways to automate the heck out of your social media and make it a blip in your to-dos rather than a guilty, forgotten chore.

Here are some ways you can post on social media when you’re busy:

1. Create content in bulk

Taking an hour or three a day, rather than little chunks all the time, is a much better way to focus and churn out a ton of content ready for use. It means you set a period dedicated to creating content for your social media. It includes taking photos, designing visuals, curating posts, or writing captions. The routine works better for busier folks. As a result, you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the time. 

2. Schedule it

When you have created a library of content, you can now schedule it. Using tools like HootsuiteLater, or Buffer, you can place all of them into a schedule at once and publish them on multiple social media platforms. Once you get the hang of it, you can make an entire month of social content done in one sitting. Can you believe that? Set it and forget it is the name of the game. 

3. Purchase a social media package

If you’re too busy to create good content or feeling like you don’t know where to start, you can buy social media packages. Whether it’s a custom social media content subscription, a package of one post a month, or even a subscription of ideas emailed directly to you each day, you can take the thinking out of it and get inspiration of what to post and when. 

4. Invest the time, reap the benefits

The key to success is taking the time to make social media content a priority. There are a ton of tools out there to help you source, create, and schedule content. Doing it post by post is a recipe for failure, as we all live busy lives. The next thing you know, it’s 9 pm, and you forgot to post (again). 

Take it from us – automation is your friend. Find something that works for you – literally – and see how easy posting on social media can be.