Monday Motivation Quotes: Reasons to Include Them on Your Content Calendar

Sep 16, 2021

Hating Monday has become a habit for most of us. As The Bangles’ song goes, “Just another manic Monday, I wish it was Sunday.”

The typical reason is that it comes after two days of leisure or freedom from work. It means the start of another week of stress and busyness, and it evokes different moods. From this point, you can gear your brand toward reversing this mindset into something more positive.

Monday motivation quotes also work well as social media posts as illustrated by the following benefits below:

1. Informative and educational

The very purpose of quotes doesn’t underwhelm. Without additional gimmicks, it informs, educates, or entertains the audience.

It can provide information relevant to your industry and, at the same time, valuable to your audience. People also use these snippets to learn about things they are interested in. Other brands also inject a bit of humor in their social media pages as long as it’s appropriate to your brand.

2.  Quick and easy to understand

Motivational quotes usually use words that are easy to understand. Although they can be figurative or literal, the most effective ones talk to the audience like a person. That’s how reposting relevant quotes from celebrities is a go-to approach. But if using original quotes, create lines that don’t alienate the audience by avoiding flowery, high-sounding, or technical terms.

Also, while other contents such as long-form videos and articles need more consumption time, quotes only require seconds. It doesn’t demand people to waste more time than necessary for you to share your content. In regards to the clarity and length, social media quotes should be easy to digest when received.

3. Stir emotional response

When people receive the message clearly, their response comes right after. The purpose of any content is to elicit response or interaction, wherein engagement starts. In the case of motivation quotes, they commonly stir an emotional response. Getting such a response can benefit your social media post because that’s what marketing is for. You establish your brand by making a connection with your audience.

4. Easy to produce

Unless you want to post original ones, there is an ocean of quotes out there. But for every topic and trend, you can always pull up quotes from prominent people from Google and trusted resources. It just takes minutes to pick the right one to become content as opposed to producing a heavily detailed article, image, or video. Monday motivation quotes can be your instant content to save a busy day.

5. Minimal design needs

A quote as a social media post takes different forms. It can be purely text-based and placed as a caption. It can also be a text designed as a visual image, which is the most common approach used in social media platforms. Many elements such as photos, vectors, or icons can go with a photo quote. Other ways possible – seldomly used and optional – are animated slides or audio recordings. However, just a plain background and typography work best.

6. Backs up influencer outreach

As previously mentioned, one way of using this content is to quote words stated by a prominent name, including influencers. While you produce content with minimal effort, the more important benefit is the subtle means of reaching out to influencers. By sharing the influencers’ thoughts as a post, you put their name in the spotlight as an essential reference people can rely on. It can establish rapport with them. It can start a connection that may be worth more.

7. Support branding

Quotes can’t be the only content you can share on your social media platforms. However, it can have a good impact as part of your content strategy. You can incorporate your brand colors, typefaces, logo, and other visual aspects consistently. When people see that you share informative, educational, or inspiring quotes, you help your branding efforts to become a business that the audience can relate to.

Why Monday?

You shouldn’t underestimate the potential of motivational posts in gathering reactions and engagement to your social media pages. Words are powerful to influence a person, and so must be used sparingly and properly with the right intentions. Monday motivations intend to perk up your audience on having a positive outlook for the start of the week, and the frequency is just right to keep it from being spammy.

So, if you don’t have one yet on your content calendar, make sure to include it now. To save you time from Googling the right quotes for your business, you can get a pack of minimalist Monday motivation posts from us. It also comes in a bold-and-grey theme.