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Our courses offer a ton of insights and information to help you take control of your social media and marketing. vAll our courses can be taken in the comfort of your home, on your own time, at your own pace. Easy enough, right?

Hollie Hoadley, Marketing Agency Owner

Your instructor + creator

Hollie isn’t just the Founder of Creative Solutions—she’s its heart and soul. Under her guidance and leadership, the company has grown into a highly sought-after marketing communications agency serving small and mid-sized businesses, and not-for-profits.
A passion for Human to Human (H2H) marketing paired with Hollie’s affinity for strategy continues to solve essential business challenges. Over the last decade, her people-first approach has attracted a talented team of creative marketers. Together they articulate brand identity, tell distinct brand stories, launch awareness campaigns, engage stakeholders, increase revenue, optimize social media, strengthen partner relationships, and client expectations.
As an entrepreneur with a diverse range of personal experience from Executive Assistant and Operations Manager, to Strategic Planner and Fortune 500 National Marketing Manager, Hollie translates her wealth of experience into innovative solutions.
A sought-after mentor, workshop facilitator, guest speaker, conference panelist, philanthropist, and Trustee for the Newmarket Awesome Foundation. Hollie believes in the power of giving back and champions businesses and organizations to advance in their industry while promoting education, growth, and collaboration. Hollie is dedicated to exploring what passionate, committed individuals can achieve, and advocates for the importance of positive culture to drive business success.

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Our courses cover a range of topics to help you use social media and marketing efforts to engage your customers, generate potential leads, and ultimately build enough trust to increase the chances of a dedicated community.

Social media for business (4 week program)

Our signature program will give you all the tools you need to dive into social media and build your audience. We’ll cover all the basics with tips, tricks, and best practices. You’ll learn how to post, what content to be posting, how to grow your audience, how to sell on social media, and what tools you’ll need to manage all your accounts and measure your success – and more. This course is perfect for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to rock their social media channels.

$97 (or 4 easy payments of $25)

WEEK 1 – Be Seen!

Creating and posting great content. What to post, different types of content, how to create the content, when to post, a mixture of content, and how often to post. (1 hour)

WEEK 2 – Be Found!

Growing your social accounts through community management. This is where we will spend a lot of time on humanizing your business online. Stop posting and ghosting and make real connections. (1 hour)

WEEK 3 – Be Heard!

How to use social media as a cold calling tool. Serve before selling. (1 hour)

WEEK 4 – Tools and ticks of the trade

Learn what we know to optimize your social media efforts. (1 hour)

Planning your social media content (1 hour)

Posting regularly on social media is the key to success. What you post, when you post it, and where you post it are all things that go into your social media strategy. We’ll teach you how to plan your content properly, so you can do the work upfront to automate and manage your social media with ease.

Use Instagram like a pro for your business (1 hour)

Instagram is a powerful social media channel for business. This course will teach you everything you’ll need to know – from the basics to the advanced skills – so you can grow a powerful Instagram audience. I will reveal all of our secret tips on how to grow your following all the way to checking your analytics. 

All about hashtags (1 hour)

#HashtagsAreImportant! Learn everything you need to know about hashtags, like how and when to use them (and why you need to have them on your posts!). This course will not only teach you the basics, but it’ll also teach you how to use hashtags to get your content more engagement.

Use LinkedIn for your business (1 hour)

LinkedIn is not just about finding a job. You can use LinkedIn to make partnerships, sell to new clients, and engage with a professional audience. We’ll tell you all the ways to use LinkedIn as a business to increase your marketing efforts and build your brand at the same time.

Program marketing for not-for-profits and associations (1 hour)

This course is tailored for not-for-profit organizations and associations. We’ll show you how to use social media and content to market your programs and reach your target audience for both donors, partnerships, press, and volunteers.

Setting up and marketing virtual events (1 hour)

Do you want to build your reach and reputation as an authority in your field in 2020 with Virtual Events but you’re unsure how to set them up, market them and get bums on seats? I will walk you through the latest craze, virtual events.