Lead Generation Ideas, If You Don’t Want to Run Ads

Oct 19, 2021

You have launched the website with live blogs. Your social media accounts are also live, and you have a calendar of social media posts. Then, what?

Content marketing enables your business to establish your brand online. It entails a lot of planning and effort in publishing the best materials to educate and entertain your audience. But showing your products and services is not the end game of content marketing. As a business owner, you aim for sales. 

Getting sales starts with looking for potential clients. Let us learn how through the following lead generation ideas if you don’t want to run ads:

Content distribution through various social media platforms

Under content marketing, there’s that process called content distribution. It simply means disseminating your content to the clusters of audiences online.

In all honesty, social media posts perfectly designed do not readily translate to high views. Additional effort is needed to make marketing work. It can happen when you share the content with the right people at the right time.

An effective strategy turns your audience into fans, and some will be your clients. This is what is marketing for: produce transformative materials that give your desired results. How do you do this? Simply share those fine-tuned social media posts across a variety of platforms. The more you present your content, the wider you can reach out to your target customers.

However, each social media platform works differently. You have to align the tone of your brand to which type of audience a platform caters the most. It is important to understand your market to nail all of these.

Social media community management

If your business has established a significant number of followers, it’s time to engage with them beyond sharing content. Instead of talking to them via published posts, arrange a setup that enables them to engage with each other.

Create a social community now, be it directly or indirectly related to your business. Your business pages and accounts can be considered a place where you can engage with your audience. Other options let you do more, like Facebook group, Tailwind community, or Twitter Spaces.

Aside from social networking sites, you can also engage with them through Reddit, forums, discussion sites, Discord, etc. Other businesses also use their custom-made platforms to share exclusive resources or rewards with their followers.

But no matter what you prefer utilizing, the essence of community management is to build a relationship with your followers on a deeper level. You establish your brand while showing the importance.

So, what do you do when you already have a social media community? Some of these are:

  • Hosting conversations that trigger social activity
  • Giving exclusive perks to your loyal members
  • Establishing good customer relations and service
  • Giving your followers voices over industry matters

Social media listening

You have now distributed useful content and built a social media community, but how do you create a rapport with your followers? That is through social media listening. You have to understand what your audience likes or dislikes. How about the product-relevant things they are curious about? Which part of the business materials do they want to get improved?

Find time to get to know your customers. Phone calls, emails, messaging apps, or social media groups are some of the options.

People love to post on social media, which is the purpose why these platforms are created. You can get ideas from what they share and use them for your business. Product or service reviews, complaints, suggestions are scattered for you to collect and turn into insights.

Sample lead generation ideas:

  • You can connect with followers who have social posts similar to what your brand sells and give them an offer.
  • Connect with followers who are unhappy with other brands and present yours. But make sure that you can offer what they need or more than they want.

Avoid templated messages. It always pays to humanize your brand and treat them with a personal touch.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the most popular approach to building and increasing business awareness. It has transformed social media apps. From a casual place to share interests, they became another avenue for businesses to reach a global audience.

The enjoyment of seeing products, services, and relevant stories on videos triggers a stronger need from the audience. They want to be familiar with and experience them first hand. This effect caused video-streaming social media platforms to rise. People now prefer YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram Reels, Facebook videos, and others more than TV for all kinds of information.

There are various ways to utilize videos in expanding your brand reach and generating leads. It should come with careful planning and consistency.

Conducting webinars

One type of video content that works as an effective lead generation strategy is a webinar. Aside from increasing your traffic, it also attracts large audiences. Some of whom become loyal customers. Webinars is an interactive event where you can showcase your brand.

Leverage other social media components to promote your webinar. Whether organically (blogs) or through campaign ads, promoting your webinar helps. It gathers attendees, collects leads, and even closes sales deals.

To end, are there more social media approaches in finding leads? Tell us what we might have missed. However, if you need to further learn about lead generation ideas, we can help you with our marketing courses.