10 Instagram Hashtag Tips To Make Your Posts More Visible

Sep 11, 2021

Compared to other social media platforms, hashtags serve in many ways on Instagram. It works both as a search filter and a tool to be on search results. No wonder businesses and influencers incorporate these blue icons on their posts. They will always be part of the game as they are vital to getting online visibility.

Small businesses, therefore, benefit from hashtags. They can increase brand awareness, boost engagement, or even drive sales. But it will take the right strategy to make all these goals come true. In marketing your business, you should know about these 11 Instagram hashtag tips to make your posts more visible.

1. Understand the types of hashtags before using them.

Learn about the purpose of hashtags, why it works for Instagram, and why it doesn’t hold the same importance on other platforms. You should be familiar with the different types of hashtags, so when you do A/B testing, you can tell the differences among the ones used through the obtained views or engagement.

2. Don’t just pick popular and random hashtags.

When you’re already familiar with hashtag types, trial and error are effective. However, picking what hashtags to use does not rely on guessing games. Test them, and goals should come with at least a tangible basis. There are many ways to on choosing what you should use, as illustrated by the following tips.

3. Use the Instagram search box.

Many are not aware of the power of the in-app search box. Or they do not utilize it because the manual search can be time-consuming and laborious. However, mastering how to perform keyword research on the Instagram search box has a lot of benefits for your businesses. These include saving budget from expensive digital tools, getting more personalized results, and learning how algorithms work.

What you need to do: starting with #, type a word you want. A dropdown of suggested hashtags will show. These are the entries you should use on your posts. Pick those that resonate with your brand, and always check the volume of posts that use each result. The number indicates if it’s a high-density or low-density keyword.

4. Utilize Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools.

There are faster options for picking hashtags instead of a manual search. Online generator tools can immediately pull up popular hashtags related to a term you’re searching for the post. Some online tools provide more than just similar hashtags and include usage volume, trends, etc.

But the downside: the same results will be used by other marketers, too, who have the same tools. Also, these results may not be appropriate for your brand. The generator tools available online are Hashtagify, Sistrix, Daily Purpose, and etc.

5. Purchase social media packages that include hashtag lists.

If you are not a fan of manual and automated hashtag search, the best resort is to get a social media package that contains curated hashtags. You can use these lists for your posts throughout the year. These are usually holiday hashtags, but having a list already spares you from the effort of digging the internet of upcoming celebrations. It even makes you prepared for the holiday post in advance.

6. Check your competitor’s hashtags.

This is one of the Instagram hashtag tips that people doubt of doing. It makes them think that it can make your posts become unoriginal. But checking and using competitor’s strategies are not uncommon in the industry.

You can look into a well-performing IG post from your competitors and adapt their hashtag set. Remember to spin the set of hashtags, or else it will be considered a form of plagiarism. Then, perform A/B tests if it works the same magic for you or not.

7. Do not copy-paste your previous set of hashtags.

Some Instagram handlers perform intense keyword research for a particular post. Then, to avoid repeating the process, they copy-paste the previous hashtag set to use them for future posts. This tactic limits your reach because trends change every day. If you always follow the same route, you won’t get the best results.

8. Don’t be too formulaic with the use of hashtags.

Like the previous tip, don’t be contented with one rule. You have to go the extra mile by experimenting and continuously look for best practices.

An example of this is the number of hashtags used. IG allows 30 entries, but the ideal number, according to experts, is 11 below. It means you don’t have to use up to 30 hashtags in every single post, nor strictly limit them to 11.

You also don’t have to cram all the types of hashtags in a post to ensure visibility. Always mix and match high- and less high-density hashtags. Test each set.

9. Hide your hashtags.

A chain of hashtags in the caption can be distractive, especially if they are numerous and long. It ruins the audience’s experience, diverting their attention to the hashtags instead of the message. There are two ways to hide them:

  • After the caption, place a series of periods to cover several space lines (Enter keys) before putting the hashtag set.
  • After publishing the post, place the hashtags on the first comment.

You may refer to this article from Forbes on how these placements affect the reach of an IG post.

10. Study your Instagram analytics.

There’s no other way to tell that your posts perform well but your data. The analytics give you insights into your reach, audience, their location. It informs you what you will work on, on top of picking the right hashtags. More than these Instagram hashtag tips, the analytics tool within the app is your ultimate guide on getting the most out of the social media platform.

Hashtags help you increase visibility and engagement. To get you started, you can download our holiday hashtags list for full-year IG content.

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