Instagram Features You Should Maximize for Better Marketing

Nov 27, 2021

Instagram continues to be a platform to establish brands. Despite being known as a social app for visual content, there are hidden features that can help your marketing. Just like the social network itself, Instagram features have evolved.

Here we look at some old and new features on Instagram that can help your digital marketing efforts.

New Instagram Features You Should Utilize Right Away

Here are the recent updates:

1. Uploading via desktop

In October, Instagram announced that it would offer video and photo uploading via desktop devices. This allows you to share content whenever you want, regardless of the device available.

For now, the new feature allows sharing only photos and short videos on phones. It means you cannot share stories or reels on your phones yet.

2. Add Yours stickers

Add Yours sticker allows creators to post a story and add this sticker. Once you have published a Story, your followers can interact with that sticker. This way it brings an increased level of engagement to your account.

3. IG Story Link stickers

IG Story Link Sticker makes it possible for small businesses to link directly to their product pages. This is also important for creators who make money from their website traffic. With the coming holiday season, the Link sticker will be useful for marketing to capitalize on the peak of the business.

4. Collab

The new “Collab” option rolled out by Instagram allows users to collaborate on posts ​and reels. Now, content creators can send collaboration invites to other Instagram users to create posts and reels together. Each of the Instagram accounts will gain the same number of likes, comments, and views that would have been generated on its own.

It also promotes influencer outreach or purely collaboration of brands. It is one of the ways to reach multiple types of audiences in one go.

5. Montage (still being developed)

An option for creating Instagram reels is still in the development phase. The purpose of the “montage” feature — which combines elements from Instagram stories — is to allow users to make reels from their stories by combining and curating frames.

Old Instagram Features You Should Maximize More

Check out the following underrated features:

1. Bio

Make sure you include a link in your Instagram bio so that people can click through to your website, blog, etc. Your bio link is prime real estate – don’t let it go to waste.

Forget using a static URL that redirects only to your website’s homepage. Instead, set up a weekly URL so you can drive traffic to specific parts of your website. It is especially effective if you’re trying to improve SEO rankings.

2. Collections

Instagram has introduced a new feature called Collections. It’s a tool used for categorizing saved posts and making them easier to view and manage.

3. IG Stories colors

Keeping your brand colors consistent across all of your social media channels will help your followers remember you. It’s vital in Instagram, where users are fed a constant flow of content with only your small profile picture and handle visible in the top left.

As a whole, people will notice branded content over an unlabeled one.

4. Least Interacted With feature

The “Least Interacted With” category is a great way to clean up your follows. Your followers are likely doing the same cleanup, which means that you will have a more engaged audience as well. Think of quality over quantity.

Another benefit of this feature is it makes you understand your audience. If you see someone on the “Least Interacted With” list that is a key partner, you know that you need to reach out and build the relationship. Likewise, if there’s someone on your “Most Liked in Feed” list that doesn’t do much for your brand, you can choose to mute or unfollow.

5. Reels

Reels is taking over the main navigation bar in an attempt to lure users in. The new feature also works with Instagram’s algorithm to give it a priority for featured content, which leads to higher engagement for creators.

IG stories are temporary, as opposed to Reels which are permanent. They also tend to circulate more because there is less competition on the explore page. This feature is beneficial for a brand with a large following to build its audience.

Your Takeaway

The bottom line is that your Instagram feed could be better. It needs to allow for more creativity, instead of placing so much emphasis on hashtags and engagement. There are so many features that users haven’t taken full advantage of after all these years.  Marketers can take their content to the next level by exploring these underused Instagram features for marketing purposes.

For more marketing practices, our well-tailored guide can help you achieve your target results on social media.