How to Use Short Video Content for Your Business

Aug 23, 2021

There’s no doubt that video content gains a higher number of views and provides more leads for your business. After the popular Tiktok came out, well-known digital platforms incorporated short videos on their features. Now, short-form videos dominate as the most favorite type of social media content.

You may get confused about how these Tiktok-ish videos can help your business. Most of the viral posts were about dancing, dub smash, or pranks that don’t fit the entrepreneurial tone. But YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Idea Pins, and other social media short video apps are launched because there’s more in creating short clips. It is the newest content trend to market your business effectively.

To help you out, here’s how to use short video content for your business in four ways:

Join the Public Trend

While it takes a genius to start a trend, going into what’s already trending is not bad either. A social media content takes many forms, but it gets viral when users take notice and do the same thing. The virality of content comes out of any concept that appeals to the audience.

Joining public trends create a chain of effects, and one of them is putting you in a place where users are interested to go. Younger generations love to share videos and finding your brand on an avenue that they understand can help you get boosted organically. This enables you to be seen by a wider audience or reach your target audience.

Since you intend to use these short vids for your business, it’s an essential task to observe the social trends that exist day-to-day. The video content should suit what your brand represents. If your business offers legal services, you should avoid dancing to a pop song because that’s the trend. If your business is shop for a kid’s party, an uptight video is inappropriate.

Also, take note that you will be re-creating content that’s been used by everyone. You have to tweak your creation and add little creativity to offer a new angle of the same concept.

Examples of trendy short-form videos that you can join in:

  • Reaction to current events (Olympics, new TV shows, local projects)
  • Opinion to trending topics (relationships, self-care, financial decisions)
  • Debunking industry myths

How-to and Tutorial videos

People are generally curious. They want to learn about the things they are passionate about or find new ones to pursue. Some common examples are baking minimalist cakes, assembling a kitchen cabinet, or editing a photograph. Think of the snappy DIY videos such as 5-minute crafts and Buzzfeed how-to clips. Their videos are exactly what you want to achieve, short but very engaging.

You may think that tutorial videos only fit businesses with tangible products and demonstrable services. Conceptual lessons don’t get ignored by users. People are eager to learn how to handle interviews, speculate on cryptocurrencies, or understand their inner selves. You can highlight these things compellingly on the material.

More examples of short-form or how-to tutorial videos

  • How products are manufactured (aside from how to use them)
  • Tutorials on how to avail your services (via person or animated slides)
  • How people use your products differently

Humanize Your Business

Businesses often think that only their products or services make up good material for social media posts. But if you want people to love your brand, you don’t flood them with how amazing your products or services are. Make your brand the topic. Humanize your business.

People also want to know what it’s like to be in your business. The corners of your office and the culture of your workforce give the audience a new perspective on your brand. You make your business relatable to them beyond the specs of your products or competence of services and on perfect timing.

Examples of how to humanize your business on short vids:

  • Building or office tour
  • Introduction of employees or executives
  • Real-life stories (origin, journey of the company, goals for the community)

User-Generated Content

Social media reached great heights because it provides users a free platform to share everything and express themselves. As a result, they connect with people who share the same interests and create a community to continue what they love. Businesses should capitalize on this. Let your audience talk about you.

This can either work by persuading people to participate in your post or have the whole video for themselves. These are some of the user-generated content you can do:

  • Customer interviews
  • Product reviews from the customers
  • Q&A or challenges to duet your video

Remember that these ways also apply to long-form videos, but short-form videos are easier to create that bring the same result. So, cast your doubts and start posting short videos. For more efficiency, we can also help you improve your business marketing.