How to Start an Email List and Sending Newsletters

Nov 8, 2021

Be it a startup or old business, one of the proven ways to boost your business’s online presence is by sending marketing emails. They contain newsletters or exclusive offers. It is an approach of a business to introduce sale promotions, new product information, and other services.

But first, you need to build an email list. It contains the people who are interested in your business and possibly become your customers.

Sounds exciting? Here’s how to start the listing:

Find an Automated Email Marketing Provider

You can’t just use your non-business email when sending out promotions. The audience won’t see the point of following a non-business email as you are a stranger to them. It will be difficult for your list to grow.

Experts recommend businesses find an Email Marketing provider. Some are costly, but some providers offer affordable services. Nevertheless, they offer software or a platform that allows you to send bulk emails quicker. The tools are easy to use partnered with customer-friendly services.

Set Up an Account and an Opt-in Form

Once you have decided on which email marketing provider you will use, you should set up an email marketing account. Then, create a signup page or opt-in form.

Opt-in forms are tools to make people sign up to your website or page. Whoever accomplishes the form becomes a subscriber. Subscription means someone wants to know more of what your business can offer.

Make it engaging and fun for more chances of subscription. Tell your audience what they get by subscribing to your business newsletter and how they could benefit from these things. An important key of a signup page is great call-to-action words. Use powerful words and relevant keywords.

Also, make an effort to create a welcome message for every subscriber. It can be a simple thank you or special offer to your product or services. Establish the worth of being part of the email list and exclusive perks attached to it. Always make each message personalized to connect with them.

Write a newsletter and other email marketing content

At this point, you can start creating your first newsletter. It is as vital as your Opt-in form for your website. Would people still click and read what you send them? People signing up for you is usual, but sometimes it ends there. So, these are the things you must remember when sending out a newsletter:

  • How frequent you will send the newsletter
  • How insightful and relevant the content will be
  • What tone you will use according to the purpose of the email

Include Freebies, Discounts, or Special Offers

As previously mentioned, include freebies in your welcome message (or on special occasions later). Think of what you can give to your subscribers. Show a glimpse of and the quality of your products or services to people through these offers. Some opt-in freebies you may include:

  • digital planners or calendars
  • worksheets
  • checklists
  • design templates
  • spreadsheets
  • e-books
  • free consultation
  • video tutorials
  • discounts, pdf content
  • snippets of online courses

Depending on the business or services, think of what concern your customers the most? For example: if you are a financial manager, create an automated budget spreadsheet that your potential clients may use. Sending out free items that correspond to their needs makes them feel valued. It also increases their trust in your business.

Link your product and related website pages

There’s an option to redirect your audience from your email newsletters to your landing pages. Take advantage of this strategy by always linking the two together. It helps in increasing brand awareness. It also brings your audience directly to your website as well as to its content.

Then, if you have social media accounts that you handle, you may also leverage its reach. Aside from the website itself, you can also promote these exclusive freebies to convince them to sign up on your email marketing. Other ways of promoting these freebies include blogposts and community forums.

Be consistent with sending out content

The key to successful email marketing or any endeavor on digital marketing is consistency. After setting up your email list, you should plan your content and feasible promotions. Create and follow a schedule to avoid last-minute mishaps.

But always put it to test

Your marketing plans should not end with sending out emails. Making a good first impression may be exciting to work on, but email marketing is a long process. Aside from that, digital trends are dynamic and changing quickly that each update should be on your radar. So, always review your strategies and take note of those that work for your email list and brand.

But don’t be contented. Expand by performing A/B tests on the type of content you send, copy structure, how often you send, etc. Go with the flow of innovation.

You may or may not have made up your mind about utilizing email marketing. But remember that doubts caused by email marketing myths can be disproven by research. Businesses need to reach more audiences to get the right cluster of customers. Why would you not try email marketing which is one of the effective ways to do it?