How To Find, Nurture & Close Sales Leads Using Social Media

Jul 7, 2021

Social media is not just a platform for making announcements and engaging with customers. It also serves as an effective tool for selling. We’re not only talking about ads, linking, and call-to-action buttons; but also generating leads, building trust, and ultimately, closing the sale all on through social media.

Social selling is the term for using social media for sales. It includes finding, nurturing, and generating new sales through different online channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Using these social media platforms can help you reach customers on both local and global scales through various messages and styles.

So, are you ready to use your social media to generate leads and build your sales funnel? Let’s get started.

How to Find Sales Leads

First, you want to develop a sales strategy specific to your social media channels. The most important thing is ensuring your social channels are up-to-date and you post frequently. There’s nothing that kills a sale more than when a customer hits your page and sees outdated content! An empty or dormant profile page will give potential customers the idea that your company is outdated, unresponsive, or even out of business.

Next, you want to make sure you know the answer to the following questions:

  1. Who are you looking to target?
  2. What content will appeal to this audience?
  3. How often are you going to post?
  4. Who will you get to share the content on your team?
  5. Which channels are most important? (ex. Facebook over Instagram?)

You have to make sure you dedicate your efforts to the appropriate channels and content. Find the best leads by planning and utilizing the most effective strategy.

How to Nurture Those Leads

Nurturing leads is the fun part! Once your social media channels gained a significant number of followers, you can move forward by posting relevant and engaging content. Then, make sure that you stay active on the platforms and responsive to your audience.


  • Reply to comments and messages quickly and genuinely
  • Follow, like, and reshare your followers’ content
  • Send direct messages to customers you engage with frequently (more on that here*link to cold conversations blog)

Remember that building trust takes time, and you will need to invest efforts into nurturing sales leads. Set aside 30 minutes each day to “nurture leads,” and make sure your notifications are on to reply to comments and direct messages ASAP.

How to Close the Sale

To close the sale, you want to ensure that buying from your company on social media is easy. You want to make sure that there are no barriers to purchasing or engaging in your services.

  • Make sure your website has a link in your bio on every page
  • Ensure your posts have a call-to-action
  • Check and make sure your website is mobile-friendly/responsive
  • Include links to your posts through services like Linktree on Instagram
  • Offer relevant services in direct messages that are meaningful to the person you’re talking to
  • Ensure the journey on your website to close the purchase or contact your company for services is seamless, so you don’t lose people when they get to your webpage

If you’re putting in the effort to actively engage with your main social channels, which you’ve deemed vital to your brand, then a lot of this will start to come naturally. Social media management takes work, and there are lots of done-for-you solutions that take some of the to-do items off your community management list.

Try out some new things and see what sticks! If you’re making an effort, posting consistently, and replying to your followers, you’ll notice an evident change in your sales funnel.