Why Holiday Hashtags Work for Your Business

Oct 11, 2021

Social media holidays are the go-to content for marketers. It breaks the chain of posts intended for promoting and selling your product or services, which can be annoying for your audience. There are many ways to maintain the business vibe, and holiday-based content helps customers relate to your brand.

The social media holidays are celebrations around the world. Some are for the whole month, and others are for a day. There are even holidays falling into a couple of dates or three. Global traditions (ex. Halloween, Christmas season) and federal holidays are already familiar, but there are also modern holidays just for fun (ex. Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day).

And not all of us are aware of things celebrated in the far countries. What makes it interesting? It also promotes cultural connection.

What are Holiday Hashtags?

A holiday hashtag is a type of hashtag that uses these celebrations. Each celebration can be a topic for various forms of content (article, visual image, or video), but it can also serve as a tool to get your brand seen on social media platforms.

Holiday hashtags can drive high engagement for your social media page, as long as it has a very creative presentation and consistency of tone with the brand.

Why You Should Use Holiday Hashtags

Let us look at the reasons why you should use these hashtags:

1. Increase audience reach and brand awareness

It is simply what all types of hashtags are for: they serve as a tool to get your content to appear on the feed. The right hashtag helps you expand your reach to the audience and their awareness of your brand.

2. Initiate engagement with your audience

Getting your content visible is not only the goal for using hashtags. You also aim for engagement. These hashtags based on celebrations serve as another way for your audience to engage with your brand. When paired with the right content, they can elicit an emotional response.

Holiday-themed hashtags also initiate conversation among the audience. Social media works that way, and through your channel, users can create rapport with your brand and other users.

3. Recognize different cultures and diversity

Online businesses can cater to people who live in different parts of the world. These people have different lifestyles and cultures, too. By using celebration-based hashtags, you promote diversity by sharing various traditions with the global audience.

4. Show your brand authenticity

Social media pages for businesses do not serve the sole purpose of increasing your sales figures. The digital sphere is filled with many contents because brands reach out to their audience to establish authenticity and long-lasting relationships.

Celebrations are an avenue to achieve that goal. Businesses should be on the same page with their target audience. Humanize your brand by showing that their celebrations are yours, too.

How to Use Holiday Hashtags

Since we already know the benefits of celebration-based hashtags, the next thing is to learn how to incorporate them into your social media posts.

1. Ensure that the hashtag is relevant to your brand

For 365 days in a year, there are more than a hundred hashtag holidays you can use. The term “more than a hundred” is not an exaggeration. However, there’s no rule saying that you should use all the items available from the pools of holidays. They won’t fit in your content calendar.

Most importantly, filter the holidays that suit your brand most. The marketer should know which celebrations reflect your business (tone, nature, products, services, and goals). Remember that there must be consistency to establish your brand. Pick the holidays that would not lead your audience astray to the identity of your company.

2. Incorporate the hashtag into a visual content

A holiday hashtag is a tool for reach and visibility. It is not the content that people look at and consume. Now that you have the specific holiday as your main point for posting, produce matching visual content.

Visual content is clicked more highly than text-based content. Graphics, photos, moving elements, or video clips entertain your eyes more – and there’s no better way to present a holiday with creative and appealing materials.

3. Plot them out in your content calendar

After picking the best hashtags for your business, create a schedule of your posts. Plot them out in your content calendar, be it weekly, monthly, or yearly. The most important thing is to conceptualize the content in advance.

Without putting your ideas into a content calendar, you get them mixed up. You can’t track them all the time, so there’s a high tendency of forgetting them, too. Organizing them allows you to prepare for each content (not only the holiday-related posts) and avoid mistakes or mediocre posts brought by rushing.

4. Review the analytics

Social media pages and platforms have analytics tools you can review anytime. It gives you insight into whether your hashtags – and other posted content – perform well or not.

Note the posts that did well and compare them with those that didn’t. Identify the time with the highest volume of views. Review the demographics of those that engaged with your holiday posts. Study your data to understand how all of these hashtag holidays work.

Where to Find Holiday Hashtags?

As they are scattered online, it demands time and effort to put them in one file. For small businesses and solopreneurs, surfing the net to look for a holiday one by one is trivial to running the business. Not doing this task is reasonable.

However, if you see a potential increase in engagement in your social media, we can help you with that. Our 2021 hashtag holiday list can cover your needs for celebration-themed hashtags for the whole year. In an instant download, you can already plot them in your content calendar.

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