Features of Facebook Business Pages That You Probably Aren’t Using Yet

Nov 24, 2021

You may not be using your Facebook Business page to its full potential if you aren’t taking advantage of some of its features. Don’t underestimate the power of free, up-to-date content. Write frequently to keep your audience engaged, and post new material they can’t find anywhere else.

Check out this handy guide to see what you’re missing.

Pages to Watch

If you have a business page on Facebook, you should utilize the “watch” feature to check other brand pages. It will allow you to track up to 100 brand pages simultaneously. It provides information about how these pages are doing about their reach, growth, and engagement.

Following your competitors on Facebook can be advantageous because you can learn about how they use the site. Then, you can compare these pieces of information with your page.

Audience Insights

Facebook’s audience insights are a great way to discover what people who visit your page are interested in. It is one of the best ways to learn more about your business’s current and prospective customers. It also serves as a social listening feature allowing you to see what your fans are talking about. This means you can create engaging content that will speak directly to them.

You can find this tool by going to your Business Manager and hovering over the ‘Insights’ drop-down menu.

Messenger Chatbots

Chatbots can respond to messages from customers at any time of day, allowing your brand to be there for every customer. It’s even possible to make your chatbot proactive, delivering information to customers before they ask for it.

By maintaining a good relationship with your followers, you will be able to interact with them easily when you’re not available. Allowing each follower to connect with you in a more personal fashion makes for better customer support.

Also, your business can save money by using Facebook Messenger’s chatbot feature, rather than creating a cross-platform app or hiring more employees.

Pinned Post

To promote your best content, pin it! Facebook lets you pin posts to the top of your page’s feed so that viewers see your best content more often. You can only have one pinned post at a time, so better pick what can be beneficial at the said period.

To do this, here’s how. From the drop-down menu on the upper right corner of any Facebook post, choose “Pin to Top.” It will keep the chosen post at the top of your followers’ news feeds until you go back and unpin it.

Facebook Saves

When you find great content on Facebook, you often think of sharing it with your audience. Sometimes the information is useful enough for you to turn into a blog post, infographic, or content-to-repost. Users can save content to come back to later with a new Save for Later feature.

Downloadable Copy of Page History

In case you don’t know, one of the features of Facebook business pages allows users to download a copy of their Facebook history. To do this, go into settings and look for Download a copy. This is valuable information for understanding, research, and strategic planning.

Quick Page Invites for Fans

You can gain additional Facebook likes by scrolling to the bottom of your Facebook page and clicking through the blue thumbed icon. It will show you the people who have liked your specific post. You can tell who your Facebook fans are by examining these “Likes.” If you notice a fan who hasn’t yet liked your page, you can invite that person to do so by clicking the “Invite” button.

Legacy Contact

This is too morbid to ask but, “When we die, who will administer our Facebook account?”

Well, Facebook has created a Legacy Contact feature that allows us to give access to our accounts to one of our Facebook friends once we have passed away so that they can carry on updating our page or responding to comments on our Timeline.

Your Takeaway

Using the right tools is key to making your business page run smoothly for your customers and potential customers. These features of Facebook business pages can streamline communication, improve brand awareness, and increase fan engagement. Take the time to explore what each feature can offer. And don’t shy away from additional marketing tools like paid advertising.

For better community management of your brand, we can help you learn the ins and out of social media marketing through our playbook and checklist.