What Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 Could Be

Dec 1, 2021

Digital marketing is a dynamic and disruptive space. Whatever works today may not be significant tomorrow. As a marketer or business owner, you should stay updated with new trends that rise or old trends that come back in a cycle. After all, it affects your business, and it is vital to keep up.

Let us look at the digital marketing trends in 2022.

Importance of SEO Gets More Emphasis

SEO is not new, but it is more important than ever. As Google changes, so does the way we need to approach SEO strategies. Marketers must ensure that websites are discoverable on Google and other search engines. They should also provide helpful, high-quality content for long-term and short-term results.

SEO strategies are becoming even more ingrained within modern-day marketing strategies. Businesses should keep up with the demands of the ever-changing algorithms to establish an online presence and gain organic website traffic.

Rise of Influencer Marketing and Micro-Influencers

In the digital age of marketing, influencers have become partners rather than commentators. Gone were the days when marketers were hesitant about investing in influencer marketing. The practice has become increasingly influential and adopted by brands that focus on content. Influencers affect those who follow them, lending credibility to the brands they collaborate with.

Collaborating with highly-paid influencers may not be wise for some. However, so-called micro-influencers are also on the rise. They have significant followers in a specific niche, making them perfect for startups and small businesses. Micro-influencers are more affordable, yet, they can deliver the same result for your brand.

Mobile Friendliness Optimization Becomes a Priority

Over the years, mobile phones have become the top devices that people use most often. More than half of annual online traffic comes from mobile devices, including tablets. As the mobile experience becomes more important for marketing to millennials and Gen Z audiences, businesses that market to these fast-paced and highly connected generations will have to consider the importance of developing a mobile-optimized digital experience strategy.

Marketing experts will continue to invest in mobile web design because of the positive ROI. 64% of SEO marketers consider mobile optimization as an effective investment. 56% of marketers who work with email are focused on delivering customized, personalized mobile email experiences to subscribers. 84% of digital marketers that focus on mobile web design are planning to continue investing the same amount or more in 2022.

Video Will Remain A Cornerstone Content

Video will displace static assets as the content of choice for marketers and advertisers. New advertising products will launch through more creative utilization of video content. The retail experience will also increasingly include interactive video components on their strategies.

Short-form videos continue to receive popularity among marketers. But long-form videos will make a comeback and take center stage as the better option to produce visual marketing materials for brands.

Permanent Posts More Preferred Over Fleeting Posts

Disappearing posts such as IG Stories, My Day, and any content that only lasts for 24 hours will take a backseat, paving the way for permanent social media posts to become a priority again.

Hubspot’s recent survey of global marketers states that 44% plan to increase their spending on permanent social media content over the next five years. Meanwhile, 25% called ephemeral content the least effective type among marketing strategies they invested in over the same period.

Live Streams and Audio Rooms Will Take Spotlight

Consumers increasingly want brands to be relatable and genuine. Live video streams and audio chat rooms enable brand audiences to connect to experts. They can discuss brands, products, or expertise, increasing intimate engagement. Live streams often also feature interactive components, such as comments, engagements, or hand-raising opportunities that allow audiences to interact directly with those hosting a stream.


Digital Marketing is certainly not a niche topic anymore, and it is the thing that is dominating businesses this decade. There will be more and more industries adapting to this digital revolution. Businesses are expected to have improved branding and social media presence.

As explained above, trends are not fixated, and they keep changing. It is how marketers keep their business relevant!