10 Guaranteed Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation

Aug 3, 2021

Doing social media marketing and business operations at the same time can drain you. You’ll never run out of things to do while time seemingly runs thin. In the long run, it creates stress for you as the owner of the business and affects the quality of your work.

The business solution to this is outsourcing. The process is certainly not a new concept, but many doubt the efficiency of outsourcing content creation. Do these outsource agencies understand the brand you built? Can they deliver the results you aim for?

The answer, to both questions, is yes. Here are the reasons to outsource content creation:

Faster content creation and publishing

Content marketing agencies have a team of content creators that are experienced and exposed to tight deadlines. You can have many sets of requests, and you are guaranteed to receive them on time. If you are hiring a freelance content producer, it works the same way.

The best thing is being able to produce more content in a shorter period. It saves you from juggling your time and accomplishing all tasks in a mediocre manner.

Consistent posting of content

Given that there is enough manpower for all the tasks of creating content, this means consistency. The entries on your content calendar neither get missed nor rescheduled due to lack of time. Imagine how much a person can write or design, in which they are expert, in a day or month.

Posting quality content in a consistent manner is essential in gaining more traffic, leads, and, ultimately, sales. By not missing any point of time of publishing, your brand can reach the audience at the peak of their social media consumption and beyond.

Use of a variety of content

Digital marketing gives birth to different social media platforms. And each platform has a distinct structure that favors a variety of content. For those not familiar, content does not only refer to a blog or article. It can be a video, audio, image, file, email, and mix of these media. Each content type requires varied expertise, and that’s how outsource workers prove their efficiency.

Example 1: Social media posts

365 days can be burdensome for you when it comes to posting consistently. You have to spend hours and plan what to publish for the coming weeks, which you can’t do in exchange for other business activities. Immediately available content such as these social media bundles is truly helpful to get things done.

Example 2: Poster or infographic

Aside from the copy, you need strong graphic designing skills to produce content that is informational, visually pleasing, and consistent with the mood of the brand.

Example 3: Short and long video

Of all types of content, video is the most difficult. Anyone can create a short clip in one sitting, but a well-detailed video will take time. That can be days or weeks, depending on your resources. But videos prove to be engaging – something you can possibly do alone but won’t do due to how time-demanding it is.

Reach audience in a wider scale

Getting outsource content producers also opens doors to more audiences on a wider scale. If they are overseas, it is likely that they share their works in their country (of course, within the terms of confidentiality) or refer to your website/pages. So, aside from the quality content that will surely more audience, you also get an extra boost from their personal feed.

Access to industry experts

A content marketing agency may have the personnel suitable for every type of content you need. Agencies certainly have hired employees that have proven experience and capabilities in accomplishing tasks. Each one is specialized in content writing, graphic design, videography, photography, copyediting, or etc.

If you only intend to outsource one or two workers, all you have to do is hire the best candidate that possesses multiple skills. One excels in copywriting but has proven creative skills for social media visual posts. Another may be good at social media management and is trained in videography. It is not even surprising to find someone who can do them all.

Outsourcing gives you access to industry experts. These are individuals or teams that have gone the extra mile because they believe in their competency. It’s up to you to choose which agency or candidate will work for you.

Mix of fresh ideas and different expertise

As established that outsourcing leads you to industry experts, you also benefit from their backgrounds. These professionals came from different training grounds, corporate entities, clients, niches, and other nurturing environments. Collaborations with them open up more branches of knowledge and expand what your brand can offer.

It’s solely not anymore about what you know, understand, or think about. When you allow varied and fresh ideas to take in, you and your business also grow.  

Outsourcing offers flexible options

Another advantage of outsourcing is that the chosen employees or agency can be replaced without much complexity. Your connection with them exists in a contract with a specified duration or terms. When you are not satisfied with their works, you can look for another. That’s how flexible the options are.

Outsource workers work diligently to avoid losing you as their client. On the other hand, you get stuck with a full-time in-house employee for some time despite the low performance. Otherwise, you need to pay for the exit of the employee and spend a portion of your budget on hiring a new one.

Less cost on staffing expenses

Outsourcing costs you less, and that’s the most practical advantage you get. As mentioned, getting professionals becomes easier than having a full-time employee. You only pay for the service you order or they provide. Especially for talents overseas, you save a lot of money from the contract that excludes medical insurance, work equipment, or government mandates on labor.

Also, foreign workers have lower rates than those in the country. Being able to afford the same high-quality service at a lower price is more than convenient.

More focus on core duties

On top of quality content and cost reduction, another benefit you get is more time. While the outsourcing agencies or professionals produce valuable content, you free yourself from the stress of work overload and doing things you are not quite sure about. It enables you to focus on other areas of business such as ideation, traditional marketing, and core processes to keep your business productivity.

Evident ROI and realization of business goals

Digital marketing makes assessments easier with all data readily available. The performance of the outsourced workers reflects on the content creation. You can evaluate each piece of content and overall through the flow of traffic, number of views, leads gathered, and conversions made. Other indicators can also be the figures regarding your social media following and engagement. Results are transparent, in which you can decide whether to continue outsourcing their service or not.

When it comes to the bigger picture, outsourcing is a business strategy that streamlines your content creation process and utilization of expertise that is beyond your skill set. One crucial step you have to do, however, is finding the best people to outsource. It’s not hiring someone who will merely follow your instructions, but someone that’s collaborative in seeing goals on the same page with you and realizing them with the time given.

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