3+ Conversation Starters For Cold Messaging On Facebook & Instagram

Jun 5, 2021

Social media is the best place for lead generation and finding new clients. Many are open to having a conversation with a brand, but the way you handle it matters. No one likes a copy-pasted message. How annoying it is to receive auto-replies from inquiries online.

In finding new clients and potential leads, you have to be adept with conversation starters for cold messaging. Yes, this takes a bit of upfront work. But it’s worth it in the long run.

Steps Before Sending Cold Messages

Here are the things you want to do to prepare for conversations:

  1. Identify your ideal customers, and find folks you want to pursue.
  2. Watch their stories and reply to some. An emoticon reaction or comment (short and sweet) is fine.
  3. Read and comment on their posts, like them, and reply if they comment back.

Always remember that you want them to see that you’re friendly and approachable. You also need to introduce yourself for a bit and not further the talks by coming out of thin air. Both of you have to acquaint each other and know these prospects more before going into the actual cold message. 

Cold Message Ideas and How to Do Them

Take a look at these samples below.

Example 1:

“Hey (name), I noticed you’ve been interacting on our page. Thanks for that! I wanted to see if you’ve purchased our products before/visited our store/chatted with anyone on our team?” 

  1. If yes, thank them for their support or strike up a conversation
  2. If no, say “Okay no worries, just wanted to say that we’re here if you ever have any questions! And, thanks for the follow and support!”

This method builds engagement and enables you to thank them for following. Perhaps they’re a loyal customer and they’ll talk your ear off. You just found yourself a brand ambassador and acknowledged them. It creates the chance to build deeper relationships. Or maybe they’re new followers, and you have opened a new avenue for them to dive in.

Example 2

“I’ve been loving your content, especially your….” Insert something specific to their posts. Like, “your how-to videos. They’re so nicely done, what software do you use?” or “Your hilarious stories, your dog is so cute!”. Write something specific to their feed.

  1. Once you strike up a conversation, ask them a few more questions about their work/life or whatever is relevant.
  2. See if the nature of your business or service comes up organically.
  3. Once it does, you can ask them to connect about what you offer. Only if it seems organic.

This method gets the conversation going, strikes up a chat, and starts the possibility of a formal relationship. This works great for service-related industries. If you’ve done your research, you’ve found people that would be most likely to talk to you, so hopefully, the conversation connects with them. This won’t work if what you offer sways completely from their life or business.

Other Simple Cold Messages to Use:

  • Hey! Thanks for the follow! How did you find us?
  • Love your content. Are you interested in hearing more about what we do at (company)?
  • Have you tried one of our products? Would love to hear your thoughts.
  • Are you a customer of (your brand) or just checking us out?
  • Hope you like our feed! Would love to learn more about what brought you here.

These ways aren’t the most organic, but if you’re looking to cast a wide net, it might generate a few conversations and leads. Again, remember that Instagram and Facebook are a personal space for a lot of people, so they may not want brands randomly reaching out. That’s why it’s important to build a relationship first and personalize when possible.

Create an Inviting Space and Make It Natural

It’s also important to note that your posts should always invite people to Direct Message you to learn more or talk more. Invite others to talk to you and start the conversation. Create a space where you’re open to chatting.

And, keep internet etiquette in mind. Message people at appropriate hours. Don’t be pushy if they seem uninterested. What do you think about our tips on conversation starters for cold messaging? Learn more about how to effectively manage your social media community through our well-tailored guide.